All you need to know about Pokies

Pokies this is What You Should Know

In this article we pay attention to pokie machines which can be found at most gaming halls, casinos or catering establishments. We have a separate article about online video pokies.

Mechanical Vs. Electronic Pokies (Differences)

There are different types of pokie machines: you have mechanical pokies and fully electronic pokies.

The differences are mainly in the technology inside the pokie machine. When you open a mechanical pokie machine, it usually has real spinning reels. An electronic pokie machine (video pokie) doesn’t have this.

The visual elements also differ. A mechanical pokie machine consists of flashing lights that amplify the whole. An electronic pokie machine consists for the most part of LED screens on which video images are played.

Similarities between Electronic and Mechanical Pokies

There are also agreements. When playing random pokies you start by inserting a coin, ticket or cashless card. Credits or the amount in euros will then appear. From this point on you can play and usually you have to determine the wager in advance. To get the game moving you have to press start. Only then the game starts. This applies to all conceivable pokie machines.

There is also an agreement regarding the outcome of the game. This is done using a random number generator. This generator generates random results, in which the game cannot be influenced.

Furthermore, a payout generally works the same way. This is mostly spit out of the pokie machine by means of a hopper. The latest techniques make it possible to pay out tickets or the payout to a cashless card. The majority of pokie machines still work in the old way (using a hopper).

Legal Requirements

Every country has its own rules and laws when it comes to pokie machines. As an operator you have to abide by rules and before you are allowed to place a pokie machine at all, you have to have a number of permits.

As a consumer, you are protected by the government when it comes to the gaming behaviour of pokie machines. For fruit machines in restaurants and amusement arcades, there are strict rules regarding the maximum hourly loss, minimum time between games, maximum price and the legal minimum payout percentage.

Pokies Reviews

On our site we have many lovers of pokie machines. We come daily to casinos from all over the world. We are constantly looking for the latest gems of pokie machines.

As an enthusiast we go to fairs, such as the g2nd fair in Las Vegas or the ICE in London. There, the latest pokie machines are ready to be ordered by various casino organisations.

When we play a pokie machine, we look at various points of the pokie machine in order to make a final judgment (review) on it:

  • Appearance of the pokie machine
  • Game experience
  • Bonus Games
  • Payout

Pokie Machines Providers

There are a lot of developers in the field of fruit cabinets. These developers are also called providers. Some providers make pokies for land based casinos as well as online casinos.

There are a number of leading pokie machine developers in Australia and abroad. We have listed a few well-known developers for you:

  • Merkur Gaming
  • Errèl
  • Bell-Fruit Games
  • WMS
  • EGT
  • Bally Wulff

Every developer tries in his own way to make a mark on the released games. It is a struggle for the various developers to do a good job every time, so that casinos are persuaded to place these pokie machines. This has all to do with the player.

If players don’t like the pokies, they will disappear again. Casinos can usually just buy pokies, but there are also casinos that rent (lease) pokies.

Pokie Machines Free Play

If you have never taken a gamble on a pokie machine, we can imagine that this is not always easy. In order to familiarize yourself a bit, our advice is to try out some pokie machines online (digital).

You can try out the vast majority of pokie machines online. Try to see how to bet, learn winlines and get acquainted with certain features. Once you’ve figured this out, you can take the step to go to an online gaming hall or casino. Generally at a casino they will know how to deal with your questions if you run into anything.

Playing Pokies with Real Money

Once you get the hang of it and get the hang of it? Then the next step is to go to the casino or else to a gaming hall. It is up to you what you prefer.

There is a difference in the pokie machines at an arcade compared to a land-based casino. This has everything to do with the legislation.

What you need to remember is that a pokie machine in an arcade works with a so-called club meter. This is nothing more than a sort of savings meter to play at higher limits. In the first instance you cannot bet on a pokie machine in an arcade indefinitely. This is different in the land-based Casino: here you can just push away $50 if you’re not careful.

Throwing Money into the Machine (Notes, Coins and Tickets)

To be able to play in most of the amusement arcades, you can use loose coins ($2) or notes. These can be inserted directly into a pokie machine, after which your euro will be converted into credits. These credits can cause confusion. There are pokies where a $2 coin is converted into 200 credits, but there are also pokie machines where a $2 coin is converted into 10 credits. If you keep this in mind, it’s all right.

Cashless System

Finally, the cashless system has recently been introduced: this is a kind of bank card on which you can put money, and then play it using this card. You slide the card past a pokie machine and the money is then placed on it. It is expected that more and more amusement arcades will use this option, because of its security and user-friendliness.

Tips for Playing Pokies

We have already looked at tips for playing pokies. We’ve fished out the most important tips to get you started.

  1. Don’t play to win, do it for a bit of entertainment;
  2. Doesn’t a pokie machine give you prizes? Then alternate with another pokie machine;
  3. Check out our site’s database for the best pokies games;

Choose The Best Casino To Play Pokie Machines

Besides the fact that it is pleasant to play a nice pokie machine, the security is also important. Every online casino has more or less the same offer. Of course there are larger gaming sites with a larger offer. In addition to the pokie machine itself, it is good to choose a online casino from our Top-List. We offer the best and safest ones!

To Summarise

But how do you know in advance if a online casino is for you? You can use our site/ Australia’s largest casino database for this purpose. We have visited every online casino in Australia and have written an extensive review about it. In this way we help you on your way to making the right choice. But to reassure you, every casino on our site is reliable and guarantees a lot of gaming fun.